Annie is a fawn and tan minimal dapple. She was a year old June 4, 2010. She will be bred for the first time in 2011.  Although she has her quiet moments, she's a busy girl the rest of the time. She loves to run and play. Annie is retired now and still part of the family. She is the mother of my young stud Blitz.
Amber is a chocolate and tan long hair who's been here since November of 2010. She's very energetic and loves to run!  She had just come in from a run in the snow so her ears are still a bit wet and curly. Very curious and inquistive about everything! She retired and went to live in NJ.
Cally is a cuddler, whether it's with me or with her favorite toy. She a beautiful black and silver dapple who catches everyone's eye who comes to visit. She just became a mother for the first time at 3 years old and is absolutely wonderful at it. Cally is retired now and still active for an 11 year old. Her granddaughter, True, lives in the house with her and keeps her on her toes!
Jelena aka Jelly Bean was a chocolate and tan. I lost Beanie to a fluke heart attack caused by a small blood clot that went to her heart. My vet did a necropsy and found all her organs and arteries healthy and her death one that couldn't have been foreseen. She slept in my bed from the time she was a pup and she is very much missed.  When I'm gone her ashes will be scattered with mine.
Macy is shaded red with her mom's  husky in build and her dad's refined face. Macy is laid back and loves wading in the pool and playing dive for treats. A very sweet and loving girl. Macy passed away in June 2017. I thought she was sleeping by her doghouse but she had passed quietly in her sleep at 10 years old. She passed as quietly as she lived.

Nikki is a chocolate and tan dapple. She is the most relaxed dog I've ever met! She likes to sit in the recliner with me, but thinks she has to sit upright and lean back since I sit that way. I'm not sure she knows she's a dog! Nikki passed away March 13, 2018 at 10 years old. She had an anyeurism right in front of me and nothing I could do. In the few minutes it took to call the vet to tell him there was something very wrong and I was bringing her in she was gone. She went from her normal bouncy self to gone in just under 3 minutes.  RIP Baby Girl.
Willow is chocolate and tan. She loves to bury bones. She's also my resident entertainer. She smiles for anyone who asks her to..and everyone asks her to do it when they come to visit! She's retiring in 2015. Willow passed away at 13 the same day her great grandpups were born  September 29, 2018. RIP Willow.   I miss her daily smiles so much!

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Derry is sweet and ornery as the day is long. She is named for her maternal grandmother, her mom and her dad. She's already showing signs of being as smart as her dad and as good at sucking up as he is too!
Sammi is an American cream and is now a buttery yellow all over.  She loves to race and play in the pool. It took me almost 6 years to finally produce this little beauty! Sadly I had to spay her because she was producing inguinal hernias but is still a wonderful pet. She is Jelly Bean's daughter and is not up for rehoming
Diamond blue and tan and is sweet and ornery just like her mom Derry and as active as her dad Simon. She was never able to carry a litter to term and retired at age 4. She went to live with a lady who waited patiently for 2 years for me to make that decision.
Mel (Melissa) is a gorgeous shade of red. She loves to race with Sammi and both girls are solid, lean muscle! She is the daughter of Brindi and Pistol from Brindi's last litter before she was spayed.
Pearl is a black and cream longhair who arrived at the DePayne Kennel on December 17, 2014. She retired and went back to Wisconsin to her breeder as a pet in 2017. Her daughter Fern is still here to carry on her mother's bloodlines.
Liska is a solid fawn. Her parents are Mel and Simon. She's 4 years old now and produces beautiful pups!
Pedigree coming soon.
Fire is red and lives up to her name. She is full of fire! She is the daughter of Jelly Bean and Simon.  She is her mom's legacy and she has some pretty big paws to fill. Her mom was a very special dog to me and her loss is felt very deeply by all who knew her.
Angel is a longhair cream. Her parents are Claire and Dante. She's quite a beauty! Pictured at 7 months.
Pedigree coming soon.
Claire's cervix didn't close after whelping and she died from pyometra when her pups were 3 days old. Annie took over nursing Angel and her 3 brothers until they were weaned.
Sara joined DePayne Kennel July 15, 2016.
She was pulled by another breeder from a barn loft kennel where she and others were living in cages with no bedding and living in filth. She's one whose trust has to be earned. She's a very sweet 9 pound girl who's found she enjoys spinal massages and her chin and ears scratched once she trusts you. She LOVES daily treats :-) Sara retired after raising 2 litters and is living happily near Cedar Rapids with a lady named Sarah and her husband Dan. She's doing very well  adjusting to her new life of leisure.

Fern at 7 weeks. Black and Tan cream carrier.  I need to get new pictures! Fern is almost 2 years old now.
Bella is a longhair red dapple. She is a very energetic daughter of Cally and of Simon's surprise longhairs with a smooth female. Her dad throws about 30% longhairs with smooth females. She carries her dad's piebald genes. She went to WI for breeding and the breeder fell in love with her so she stayed there and her daughter True came back here.

Echo is the daughter of Sara and Draco. Longhair black and tan who is very outgoing. She and True think my living room is their racetrack LOL. Pictured at 15 weeks.
True is the granddaughter of Cally and Simon. Longhair chocolate based red who is very outgoing.  Best buddies with Echo and enjoys antagonizing her grandmother!  Pictured at 6 months.
Fancy is the daughter of Nikki and a UKC champion chocolate based cream male. Smooth chocolate based red dapple who is very outgoing.  She and Charm are kennel buddies and just 2 weeks apart in age. Pictured at 13 1/2 months.
Charm is the daughter of Cally and a longhair cream brindle male. Smooth red brindle and possibly dapple. Her first litter will tell me if she is dapple as well.  Pictured at 14 months.