This is Carly and Callie. The Liljequists purchased Carly from me a year ago and came back this year to get Callie. It was great to see Carly again all grown up! Tami sent the following update on the girls on 1/3/2014. Thanks Tami!

Carly's parents are Nikki and Cass and Callie's parents are Cally and Simon.

Hi Nancy
Gosh is it ever cold out!! I'll bet your house is worse than mine since you are in the country!! Be careful! Keep your phone with you in case you fall outside!! The girls get along great! They love each other already. It is too cold outside for Callie to potty all the time, but she is pretty good. She knows "potty" already! They race around together all the time. I say they are really short greyhounds!! LOL! They snuggle together, too. Callie is wonderful. Thanks again. By the way, compliments from our vet...again. They say you keep very good records.(not to mention awesome puppies). I am going to try to attach a picture of the girls. No know I am not computer literate!
These boys are Mongo and Archie. Megan and Weston sent an update on the boys after they got home with them on 1/7/2014.
Mongo was purchased here a year ago and he and Archie are full brothers. Mongo came along with his family to pick out Archie and again to pick him up. Their parents are Willow and Pistol.

Megan's text sent on 1/7/2014:

" Just letting you know Archie is doing amazing.He is playing with Mongo and having a blast with all the new toys they have. Thank you so much! We are so blessed to have such amazing dogs thanks to you."
Norm flew here from Oregon to pick up his little girl "Punkins" due to the regulation changes by USDA on shipping pups. He arrived a week prior to taking her home and came to visit and get her used to the carry on bag she would fly home in. Her parents are Macy and Dante.

Hi Nancy,  (12/17/13)
I took Punkins  to the vet again yesterday to get her last 4 in 1 shot.  She gets her Rabies shot next Monday.  She now weighs an even 5 lbs which is a 1 lb 6 oz gain from her last vet visit.  She can go down the stairs now and occasionally jumps up onto the couch unaided (but when I'm around, she pretends to need help).  She's a great companion and sleeps next to me every night and doesn't move around until I wake up and she always wakes up in a good mood and is very affectionate.
This is Sweetie Pie. She was out of Destiny's last litter before she was spayed and went to a pet home with my great nephew and his wife. Her sire is Cass.

From: Rich & Jill
Sent: Monday, July 28, 2014 1:56 PM
To: DePayne Dachshunds
Subject: Re: Piebald girl

Hi Nancy,
We love our little baby-girl.  She has just the perfect sweet name for her.  We continue to admire her unique and beautiful markings.  She is amazing and her transition continues to go great!  Can't keep from telling you because you made her the way she is!  We continue to thank you.  Azi and Sweetie are nose to nose now, both wagging, when we hold Sweetie.  It is so great -- Sweetie gave Azi a sweet little kiss on his nose too.  We are so very encouraged.  She is doing all her chores easily outside and she is so proud of herself.  She is coming to 'Sweetie come...' such a truly smart little girl.  I went to get a haircut this morning and Rich went solo with the home-front when I was out for a little while and now he is at the gym working out and I'm solo.  Sweetie is sleeping on my lap here at the computer and Azi is sleeping on the floor right beside us.  Can you believe it?!
I'm going to be forever bragging about you -- thanks again and again for all the TLC and expertise and care you put into your breeding business - it shows and YOU SHINE! 
Sweetie goes in for her puppy well check on Wednesday afternoon so I'll definitely let you know how she checks out.  She is a nibbler so she has us trained to feed her morsels too!  She trains us while we train her and I guess we'll call it collaboration.  Hope the pups come soon on your end - I know it will be wonderful to have all the new pups here and delivered safely.  Keep us posted -- we are rooting for you all!
This is Delilah. She is out of Pistol and Sparkle and was born in October of 2008. I thought it would be nice to sneak in one of my pups all grown up. Sparkle retired from breeding in 2011 and is just a beloved housedog these days.

Hey Nancy, 
           My name is Amanda Kooi and I am currently on ur waiting list for a puppy and I already have Dalilah, a pup of sparkles and pistols litter from Oct 08. I am still interested in a smooth cream(female preferably, but im not against males) and I also know it may take a few years to get one, since it took u 7 to get Sami. It will b just me as the owner of the new pup, unfortunetly my friend Al is no longer with us.
I also thought I'd send a few recent pics of Ms.Dalilah and let u know shes still the best and I couldnt have found or asked for a better weenie dog. She does have her dachshund moments, but overall she seems to b the opposite of a "typical dachshund". Other than the occasional big dog bully(which alot of times she brings it on by runnin her mouth at them lol), I dont think shes met an enemy yet. I get asked alot about her(and alot of compliments)when were on walks, visiting the dock, or she decides to visit neighbors. Dalilahs bff, Emma( my moms dog and roommate)is a 5 yr old mini biscon-poodle mix and those 2 can b so sweet together and yet, so naughty when they put their minds to together lol.
I did want to ask if either of her parents liked to swim or liked water at all? I do live at tablerock lake in sw mo and was thinking about teaching Dalilah to swim, but honestly she hates even goin out in the rain or walking in puddles. My mom bought her a life jacket(I know, silly) but i was thinking more like either i walk in at the shore with her and let her swim back to land or putting her on a raft with me and lettin her just hang.
I hope this letter brings some humor to your day and these pictures bring a smile to your face.  If u could get back to me about everything, no rush, I'd appreciate it.
  Thanks again, Amanda

Sparkle mom to Delilah and Derry
and grandmother to Diamond