Since what you usually see with the puppy pictures are the indoor kennels where the pups are born, I thought I would show you where the dogs spend most of the year when the weather is warm.  Brindi and Willow are happy to show you theirs. The outdoor kennels are 5 feet wide and 10 feet long. I don't like concrete so I use vinyl mats that are easily cleaned and comfortable for the dogs.  The kennels sit inside a fenced yard where they can run play in the grass while their kennels are cleaned. All the kennels have metal roofing for weather protection. If you wonder how much they are allowed to just be dogs, check out my "Just Us" page of my Doxies doing what Doxies do. 

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The indoor kennels are smaller than the outdoor ones, but still roomy for the dogs.  The new ones have the same amount of space but are a little shorter and wider.  The overall design is similar  to my old ones but the improvements make them much easier to clean. The hinged gates have been replaced with gates that slide up and out for cleaning.  All kennels are caulked all the way around the bottom to prevent anything leaking into a neighboring kennel. The dividers on these whelping kennels are 2 feet high for privacy of moms and pups. The rest of the kennels that are yet to be built will be the same size but the dividers will only be 12" high so the dogs can visit their neighbors.  I've replaced the old kickboards along the bottom front from 3 narrow boards to one solid board. Boys will no longer be able to pee through slats into the alleyway :) The big window you can see part of below was a birthday present to me from my husband. (Isn't he great?) It lets in a lot more light than the 2 smaller windows I already had. One of the old windows still opens to let in a breeze on nice days (along with the screen door on the opposite wall) and the other smaller window holds the air conditioner for hot weather. In the winter the wood stove that heats our house also heats my kennels by way of a large funnel on top of the stove to collect heat that goes into a 10"  insulated piped with an inline fan. (Another invention by my husband        ) My heat lights are raised and lowered by the blue rope you see to adjust them to the height needed for pups and raised to the ceiling out of the way when not needed.
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Scroll down to see pictures of the indoor kennels (In the process of being rebuilt for easier cleaning and are all built now) and the outdoor kennels that I spent 2 years rebuilding for more height (for me) and changes made to the bases so fencing doesn't eat all the string from my weedeater. I finally was able to purchase metal roofing last year to replace the tarps on the outdoor kennels YAY!
Because the list of reserves is growing, I'm putting it here so each of you knows where you are in line. (Some have been removed from the list because they found a pup elsewhere or have chosen one of the current pups.

1. Charlee Brewer has first choice of longhair dapple females from upcoming litters.  (2014 spring litter)

2. Tami Wallace 1st choice of a smooth piebald male or female or a smooth chocolate male or female. (2014 spring litter)

3. Karrie Pringnitz has first choice of longhair male or female cream.

4. Brittney Lane has first choice of any color longhair piebald female.

5. Jim Cirese has first choice of a smooth black male from upcoming litters. (2014 spring litter)

6. Melissa Michel has first choice of longhair dapples or cream females.

7. Amanda Kooi - smooth female (or male) cream  (2014 spring litter)

8. Aubry Haberer - first choice longhair dapple male.

9. Jackie Lang - fall 2014 pup smooth, any color.

10. Jennifer De Smet -  1st choice of smooth dapple female

11. Lisa Oates - longhair black female

12. Lauren Anderson - smooth dapple female

13. Tammy DeWitt - smooth dapple female of her color choice in spring 2015.
***Special Notice***

Beginning November 16, 2013 I will be joining a very large number of other breeders across the U.S. in no longer shipping puppies. Due to a change that was made in federal regulations that was supposedly intended to only affect breeders who are unlicensed and uninspected, anyone who ships even ONE puppy will have to be licensed through USDA as a dealer. State licensed and inspected breeders like myself were not exempted from this ruling. All sales must take place at the breeder's premises. A lawsuit and an injunction to stop this regulation was filed in federal court 12/16/13. The results of that suit will determine whether shipping availability will resume.

This rule is going to seriously curtail the choice of those wishing to buy the puppy of their choice unless you are willing to drive to your breeder of choice regardless of distance. As written this has the strong possibility to affect service dogs being made available to those in need due to vague writing that leaves discretion to inspectors. Rules not clearly written as this one is leaves the ability to misuse it easily done and does not allow for fair and equitable enforcement.

While we do understand the need to punish those who operate illegally, don't properly care for their breeding dogs and sell sick puppies, we already have state and federal laws that address those things. If you would like to help us fight this bad choice of regulation policy, please contact me or your breeder of choice to see what you can do to help. It is YOUR right to be able to buy a puppy from whoever you choose and to pick up personally or have your puppy shipped to you or to meet your breeder at a mutually agreed upon place to save you travel time and it SHOULD remain OUR right to offer you those choices without government interference!
Upcoming litters planned for  2014

Sammi will be bred to Simon when she comes in heat.

Annie will be bred to Dante when she comes in heat.
Macy and Pistol's pups arrived July 29th. This litter will be smooth pups. They have 1 black and tan (1 female) 2 black and silver dapples (1 male and 1 female) and 2 reds (1 male and 1 female). Macy does her best to provide variety LOL. The black and tan female is sold. Congratulations to Lori Ruba who has been waiting for a few months for Daisy to arrive! The dapple male is sold. Congratulations to the Bassich Family! The dapple female is sold. Congratulations to the Trapane Family on their purchase of Dasha! The red female is sold. Congratulations to the Horton Family!
Jelly BeanBeanie and the pupsPups @ 2 hours oldBeanie's little ones at 1 week old. The male is the darker red and he is sold.The pups at 1 week. Both girls are still available.Dapple female @ 5 weeksRed male at 5 weeksRed female @ 5 weeks
Jelly Bean and Pistol's pups arrived August 17th. They will be ready to go October 12, 2014. This litter is smooth pups. 1 black and silver reverse dapple girl, 1 red girl and 1 red boy. The red male is sold. Congratulations to the Lang Family! The dapple female is sold. Congratulations to the Voss Family!
Willow just had one pup in her last litter, but she's a beauty! She's just 4 hours old in the picture.Willow's girl at 4 weeksWillow's girl at 4 weeks
Willow and Simon had one little girl August 25th. She is a smooth shaded red girl. This was Willow's last litter and she will be a spayed family pet after this little one is weaned. She will be 8 weeks October 20, 2014
Mel and Simon's pups will be due around October 6th. This litter will be smooth pups. Possible red, black and tan, dilute or chocolate and tan in solid or piebald patterns. I don't have Mel's pedigree up yet but her parents are Pistol and Brindi. Click their names to see their pedigrees.
Mel Pedigree    Simon Pedigree
Amber and Cass's pups will be due around October 14th. This litter will be longhair pups. Possible red, black and tan, or chocolate and tan in solid or brindle patterns.
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This litter is all sold and will begin to leave 9/23/14. Thanks to everyone who are giving them great homes!
Daisy is sold
Josie is sold
Nimbus is sold
Dasha is sold
RM is sold. Congratulations to the Wingets!