Since what you usually see with the puppy pictures are the indoor kennels where the pups are born, I thought I would show you where the dogs spend most of the year when the weather is warm.  Brindi and Willow are happy to show you theirs. 10 of the outdoor kennels are 5 feet wide and 10 feet long and one is 7 feet wide and 14 feet long. I don't like concrete so I use vinyl mats that are easily cleaned and comfortable for the dogs with patio blocks along the sides to deter digging.  The board along the back bottom is raised for easy cleaning. The kennels sit inside a fenced yard where they can run play in the grass while their kennels are cleaned. All the kennels have metal roofing for weather protection. If you wonder how much they are allowed to just be dogs, check out my "Just Us" page of my Doxies doing what Doxies do. 

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The indoor kennels are smaller than the outdoor ones, but still roomy for the dogs.  I did some refurbishing on the indoor kennels before the dogs came in for the 2015 winter. A few of them had "fun" with tiles last winter so I replaced it with linoleum before sealing all around the edges with clear silicone. No tile corners to get hold of now! I made the dividers taller with a cut out in the middle and it works great for keeping papers where they should be. The blue spruce was too pretty to paint so I put 3 coats of polyurethane on them to waterproof them and can still enjoy the colors in the wood. I'm very happy with the way they turned out.  The kennel is heated in the winter with the wood stove that heats our house. It has two large vents with a blower and one vent blows heat to the kennel through an insulated 10" diameter PVC pipe. The large window in the back wall was a birthday present from my husband. There are two other smaller windows on the west wall, one that opens to allow a breeze on warm days and the other holds the air conditioner when it's hot.
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Scroll down to see pictures of the indoor kennels.Two pictures were in the process of being rebuilt for easier cleaning and are all built now, and the outdoor kennels that I spent 2 years rebuilding for more height (for me) and changes made to the bases so fencing doesn't eat all the string from my weedeater. I finally was able to purchase metal roofing in 2013 to replace the tarps on the outdoor kennels YAY!
If I haven't heard from folks on the reserve list in a long time I remove the names unless they have kept in touch to let me know they wish to remain on the list.

1. Amanda Kooi - smooth female (or male) cream 

2. Carrie Horton - smooth female dapple

3. Aubry Haberer - Longhair black piebald female

4. Tammy Morris - Longhair female any color

5. Linda Gates- 2 piebald females

6. Amy Schweers - Longhair female dapple, black or cream

7. Mary Glick - Female longhair

8.  Wiatt Olson - Cream male or female smooth or long

9. Annette Ganoe -  Female smooth dapple blue or black and tan

10. Tracy Mclain - Cream female

11. Claire Hoisington - longhair piebald

12.  Betsy Heidt - Black and tan dapple or dapple piebald smooth female preferred (open to others)

13. Tami Wallace - smooth male or female

14. Gail Hackathorn - black and tan either sex

15. Jane Kauz -  smooth red, chocolate or black and tan. Female preferred, male considered

16. Sandy Feaker - Cream or piebald longhair. Other colors considered

17. Sarah and Terry Cox - Female longhair cream

18. Robyn Dunker - female smooth chocolate and tan or chocolate piebald

19. Caitlin Chada - Lomghair female any color

20. Stevie Sullivan - Male dapple or any color

21. Jeremy Jones - Female long preferred but smooth considered any colr

22. Andy and Shuree Huhman - Female smooth any color

23. Sarah Shepherd - Either sex smooth any color

24. Tina Selsor -  Male "I'll know him when I see him"

25. Beth Parmer - Female (no color or hair length given)

26. Rea Gengler - Male color and hair length not specified

27. Barb Holm-Ellis - Female any color hair length

28. Evonne Whalen -  Female dapple preferred, others considered

29. Jennifer and Kirk bear -  cream, chocolate and cream or dapple

30. Stacey Tighe - Smooth female any color

31. Jamie Hopper - a puppy

32. Shantel Strelow - chocolate and tan or red smooth female

33. Eryka Berglund -  male longhair dapple

34. Kim Dhabolt - any color. coat type female

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Planned 2019  litters  are:
Derry (Black and tan)  and Simon (Red Piebald) pups arrived January4, 2019.
2 red girls, 1 black and tan girl (not for sale), 2 red males and 1 black and tan male. All are smooth. Ready to go March 1, 2019  Black and tan male sold pending deposit arrival.
Charm is a red brindle (possibly dapple as well) and is bred to Simon (red piebald) for her first litter to see if she produces any dapples so I'll know for future reference if she has both brindle and dapple patterns. Her due date is April 1, 2019
Fancy is a chocolate based red dapple and will be bred for the first time this winter. Her mother was chocolate and tan dapple and sire is chocolate based cream. She should be in heat around December or January and will be bred to Fagan (longhair ee cream and possibly hidden brindle).
Liska (Solid Fawn) is bred to  Blitz (Chocolate Dapple Longhair) and due February 25, 2019