Since what you usually see with the puppy pictures are the indoor kennels where the pups are born, I thought I would show you where the dogs spend most of the year when the weather is warm.  Brindi and Willow are happy to show you theirs. The outdoor kennels are 5 feet wide and 10 feet long. I don't like concrete so I use vinyl mats that are easily cleaned and comfortable for the dogs.  The kennels sit inside a fenced yard where they can run play in the grass while their kennels are cleaned. All the kennels have metal roofing for weather protection. If you wonder how much they are allowed to just be dogs, check out my "Just Us" page of my Doxies doing what Doxies do. 

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The indoor kennels are smaller than the outdoor ones, but still roomy for the dogs.  The new ones have the same amount of space but are a little shorter and wider.  The overall design is similar  to my old ones but the improvements make them much easier to clean. The hinged gates have been replaced with gates that slide up and out for cleaning.  All kennels are caulked all the way around the bottom to prevent anything leaking into a neighboring kennel. The dividers on these whelping kennels are 2 feet high for privacy of moms and pups. The rest of the kennels that are built  but the dividers are only 12" high so the dogs can visit their neighbors.  I've replaced the old kickboards along the bottom front from 3 narrow boards to one solid board. Boys will no longer be able to pee through slats into the alleyway :) The big window you can see part of below was a birthday present to me from my husband. (Isn't he great?) It lets in a lot more light than the 2 smaller windows I already had. One of the old windows still opens to let in a breeze on nice days (along with the screen door on the opposite wall) and the other smaller window holds the air conditioner for hot weather. In the winter the wood stove that heats our house also heats my kennels by way of a vent pipe on top of the stove.  We got a new stove in 2014 with a double vent and blower so one vent heats the house and the other heats the kennel.  My heat lights are raised and lowered by the blue ropes you see to adjust them to the height needed for pups and raised to the ceiling out of the way when not needed.
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Scroll down to see pictures of the indoor kennels (In the process of being rebuilt for easier cleaning and are all built now) and the outdoor kennels that I spent 2 years rebuilding for more height (for me) and changes made to the bases so fencing doesn't eat all the string from my weedeater. I finally was able to purchase metal roofing last year (2013) to replace the tarps on the outdoor kennels YAY!
If I haven't heard from folks on the reserve list in a long time I remove the names unless they have kept in touch to let me know they wish to remain on the list.

1. Lori Ruba - black and tan female.

2. Melissa Michel has first choice of longhair dapples or cream females.

3. Amanda Kooi - smooth female (or male) cream 

4. Stacy Zach - smooth chocolate male puppy

5. Lisa Oates - smooth black and tan female

6. Afton Crabtree - smooth pup

7. Lori Ruba (a second) smooth black female

8. Ruth Sacks - female from Bella

9. Katie Henry - Female pup from Diamond and Cass
and a piebald male

10. Nichole Varner - smooth red female

11. Jerry Stimmel - smooth dapple or piebald male

12. Alyssa Gillette- longhair cream

13. Kim Staker - smooth pup black and tan preferred but other solid colors acceptable

14. Carrie Horton - smooth female dapple from Pistol or Macy

15. Claire Hoisington - longhair black and silver, or cream dapple female (smooth considered)

16. Debbie Mason - 1 female  longhair

17. Aubry Haberer - Longhair black piebald female

18. Tammy Morris - Longhair female any color

19. Amy Schweers - Longhair female dapple, black or cream

20. Hanna McCubbin - Long haired male or female any  color, dapple preferred

21. Mary Glick - Female longhair

22.  Michael and Kathleen Shelton - Female red or chocolate

23. Jorie Oaks - longhair cream, smooth blue dapple or red (either sex)

24. Jennifer and James Monroe - Any color or sex, long or smooth

25. Annette Ganoe -  Female smooth dapple blue or black and tan

26. Kellie Guggemos - longhair female cream, dapple, black, or piebald

27. Justin Leow - smooth male any solid color

28.  Josh Bruette - female longhair chocolate or chocolate dapple other colors considered

29.  Jessica Frantum - female longhair dapple any color

30. Nikki Fondara - Male smooth black and tan or red

31. Noelle Cunningham - smooth male dapple or cream

32. Ashlee Nicoson - red or chocolate smooth female

33. Katie Wendt - longhair red female or dapple (other colors considered)

34.  Betsy Heidt - Black and tan dapple or dapple piebald smooth female preferred (open to others)

**Brittney Lane has first choice of any color longhair piebald female after she finishes nursing school.
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Upcoming 2017  litters are: 

Sara will be bred to Pistol.

Fire will be bred to Pistol

Mel will be bred to Dante or Simon.

Not all breedings "take" and any who are not pregnant after posting the due date announcements will be taken down
I did some refurbishing on the indoor kennels before the dogs came in for the 2015 winter. A few of them had "fun" with tiles last winter so I replaced it with linoleum before sealing all around the edges with clear silicone. No tile corners to get hold of now! I made the dividers taller with a cut out in the middle and it works great for keeping papers where they should be. The blue spruce was too pretty to paint so I put 3 coats of polyurethane on them to waterproof them and can still enjoy the colors in the wood. I'm very happy with the way they turned out.
"Fern" newborn"Fern" at 1 week"Fern" at 2 weeks. Just opened her eyes!Fern at 3 weeks.
Derry and newborn pupsPups at 1 week . Auggie (blue) top.
left to right are red female, red male, black female smal white chest spot, balc female large white chest spot.Pups at 2 weeksBlack female with small white chest spot and red male at 3 weeksAuggie at 3 weeks.  Auggie has an allergy to perfume in laundry soap  and had lost the hair on top of his head and tummy where he contacted the rug while nursing. Hair is coming back in after a week of baldness.Red fenale and black female with large white chest spot at 3 weeks.Auggie and Kotschwar puppy at 4 weeksRed female at 4 weeksRed Male at 4 weeksRuba puppy at 4 weeks
Derry and Simon's pups arrived January 11th. I did witness a "tie".  They have 1 blue male, 1 shaded red female, 1 shaded red male and 2 black and tan females. Looks like all 5 are smooth They'll be 8 weeks March 8, 2017. The blue male "Auggie" is sold to Kelly Wisnefske. Red female is sold to Judy Kuntz.  Black female with small white spot is sold to Lori Ruba. Black female with larger white spot is sold to Amanda Kotschwar. Red male "Jade" is sold to Hannah Schlotterback. Congratulations and thank you!
Pearl and Simon's pup was born  January 18th. Pearl had just one black and tan female who could be long or smooth. "Fern" is not for sale.
Angel at 7  monthsSimon
Angel and Simon's pups are due around  March 25th. I intended to breed her to Pistol but she came in heat earlier than expected and she and Simon had other ideas than mine. Her heat was silent to me but obviously not to Simon and Angel.