Please type your answers at the end of each question (there are 16 so you need to scroll to answer everything) above and then click the submit button. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questionnaire!
Each of the contracts/forms (as applicable to buyer) below should be printed, filled out (puppy information will be filled out by seller), signed and mailed to seller for puppies who are being shipped.  A photo copy of each applicable form will be included in the puppy packet when mailed to buyer. 
They can also (as applicale to buyer) be printed and filled out by buyers picking up their pups or you can wait until you come to sign the paperwork here, but I urge you to read all that apply to you to familiarize yourself with them. Thanks!
Health guarantee below is a sample copy (all is the same for males). The actual guarantee will be provided by seller with all dates and information at time of sale. If you have any questions about which forms you need to fill out, please use the "contact me" button to the left.